Born in Protvino, Russia, artist Masha Volkova learned metalwork early on  
    from her father Andrey Volkov - a well known Russian artist. She moved
    to the United States in 1994 and currently lives and works in New York
    City, creating original metal sculptures.

    Ms. Volkova works primarily with steel using an oxy acetylene welding
    torch. Each sculpture is original and one-of-a-kind: all metal is cut, shaped
    and welded by hand. The subject matter varies greatly from whimsical
    creatures of Russian folklore to large scale cityscapes based on observations
    from her daily life in New York. With each sculpture Ms. Volkova tries to
    tell a story and capture a moment in time and character. She pays great
    attention to form, structure and texture. The artist is interested in showing
    the contrast between light and dark, the positive and the negative, lightness
    and solidity of form within each of her works.

   Sculptures by Masha Volkova are in the collection of the Moscow Bulgakov
   Museum, in Russia; the Permanent Collection of The Arts Student’s League
   in New York; as well as private collections in America and Russia. 

                                                 sculptor / metal artist